Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've Gone Monogram Crazy!!!

It's official...I'm monogram crazy! I got the pins in for the BM's flowers. They are adorable, a little bit smaller than I thought, but they will be so cute!!! Now I've decided to buy all of my hosteses for my showers monogrammed umbrellas. If you haven't seen this, they are to die for!!! My only problem, I have 12 hostesses for one shower, so it kinda got expensive..but in the scheme of it all who cares!!! Here is a picture of what the umbrellas look like...
Aren't thos just the cutest? I have the idea of making a card that says...I loved my shower, I hope with this you can enjoy your next "shower". I am still trying to work on the words. I will have another shower this summer and for those hostess gifts, I'm going to do shower caddy's filled with monogrammed soap and monogrammed hand towels. It is the same idea of "shower" but in a different sense! I think it's cute, but after the wedding is over with, I am sure I will not want to see anymore monogrammed things for a while!
I have tried and tried to think of things to get the groomsmen, but Mr. Priss has assured me that he will take care of it...I guess we will see! I am assuming that it will be along the same lines as everything else monogrammed in our wedding, however it will be a flask or something in the same family.
Well I must get back to all of the monogram love that I have. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and have a wonderful week!
Em out!

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